Precision Movement Tracking: Beyond Activity Monitoring

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Mobility is freedom to a patient; freedom to go to the store, cross the street in time, visit family members. But, mobility is much more than how often they move, it's how well they move. Dr. Fay Horak will detail the last decade of scientific research and the development of digital endpoints and supporting wearable technology. Findings suggest that while actigraphy is useful for measuring intervention response in a select few populations, precise movement endpoints such as turning speed, stride length, dorsiflexion, and trunk range of motion are more useful in many others. When it comes to effective trial design, you need to understand the disease and optimal endpoints for measuring treatment response before choosing a digital technology.

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Featured Topics:

  • Analytical and Clinical Validity - What's the difference?
  • Activity vs precision movement analytics
  • In-clinic vs At-home Monitoring
  • Parkinson's Disease Endpoints
  • Multiple Sclerosis Endpoints
  • Ataxia Endpoints


  Fay Horak, PhD, Scientific Fellow, ERT, Wearables & Digital Biomarkers