Navigating Key FDA Advertising and Promotion Developments in a New Year

On-Demand Webinar Recording

In this webinar...

To kick off the new year, and as a prelude to DIA’s Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference, join us to learn about the most recent developments in the landscape of FDA advertising and promotion and how they impact your company’s marketing and communications plans. During this webinar, we will begin with a brief year in review of the latest regulatory activities in this space, followed by a deeper dive into emerging regulations and policies for DTC communications. Key topics include FDA's recent draft guidance on quantitative information, disclosure of risk information, and FDA’s proposed framework for "prescription drug-use-related" software.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the latest advertising and promotion developments, including OPDP enforcement trends, drug price transparency, and recent guidances
  • Implement appropriate presentations of quantitative efficacy and risk information in DTC promotion
  • Evaluate different approaches for disclosing risk information in various DTC media platforms
  • Enhance learning and practical application of evolving FDA advertising and promotion developments and practices


  • Heather Bañuelos, JD, Counsel, FDA and Life Sciences, King & Spalding
  • Gillian Russell, JD, Counsel, FDA and Life Sciences, King & Spalding