Under the R2D2 initiative, Health Canada has committed to modernizing its regulatory system to provide more timely access to drugs and devices. Through various projects undertaken to-date, Health Canada has paved the way in many areas including: regulatory reliance through international work sharing, integration of real world evidence in regulatory decision-making, improving drug safety with implementation of Vanessa’s Law, and updating The Distinction guidance to reflect the current practices of advertising of medical products.

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  • Shifting Biosimilar Access Policies to Promote Fiscal Sustainability in Canada
  • Canada's Shared Vision for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation
  • Podcast: Regulatory Modernization in Health and Biosciences
  • On-Demand Content Preview Webinar: Cybersecurity and Implications for Pharmacovigilance
  • On-Demand Content Preview Webinar: Key Factors for Success for Dossiers Relying on Third-Party Data (SRTD)
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