Change The Way You Work: Transforming Regulatory Processes with PAREXEL and Microsoft 

On-Demand Webinar Recording

This Solution Provider Webinar is brought to you by DIA in cooperation with PAREXEL.

In this webinar...

From early phase drug discovery, through clinical trials, to the documentation required to get approvals, there are huge swings in the skill set of the different users of clinical and regulatory technologies. Most existing systems were built with the end in mind, to the detriment of the journey to get to that end. PAREXEL and Microsoft are looking at the human factors of these processes, and co-developing solutions to help optimize patient, clinical, and regulatory processes.

Through system automation, machine learning, and “smart” templates, we are bringing exciting productivity innovations for the users of PAREXEL’s Liquent InSight 365 Regulatory Information Management solution. In this webinar, we will be announcing and demonstrating the latest integration of InSight with Microsoft Office365, to automate and dramatically reduce the time and effort of recording regulatory agency correspondence. 

Learning Objectives

  • Assess their regulatory information management workflows to identify areas of process inefficiency that can be improved through the application of machine learning technologies
  • Employ AI-driven tools for automation of recording regulatory agency correspondence to dramatically reduce time and effort of traditional manual workflows


  • Matt Neal, Senior Director, Product Management – Regulatory Solutions, PAREXEL
  • Daniel CanningSenior Product Marketing Manager, Office, Microsoft