Status Update on the Implementation of IDMP

On Demand Content Preview Webinar

In this webinar...

ISO IDMP is a vital piece in working towards a data-driven environment in which key stakeholders (industry, regulators, and patients) can benefit from high-quality and quick access to data. During this webinar, an update on the status of ISO IDMP implementation in EU will be provided. In addition, we’ll discuss the impact of the implementation of SPOR/IDMP and how companies should benefit from the use of IDMP.

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Apply the latest information of ISO IDMP/SPOR implementation on the company situation
  • Evaluate the internal status of the company with regards to data-driven processes
  • Set the internal priorities and align activities with regards to the implementation of SPOR


  Remco Munnik, Associate Director, Iperion

  Michiel Stam, Regulatory Information Scientist, Qdossier B.V./ eCTDconsultancy B.V.