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In this session we explore 2 case studies in which telemedicine was applied in our clinical trials, showcasing how telemedicine platforms for clinical trials need to be fit-for-purpose to meet specific needs of individual studies. In these two case studies we will discuss how our fit-for-purpose telemedicine platform was used in an atopic dermatology drug trial, and an infectious disease study. This included capturing images for assessing skin abnormalities, to ensure alignment with  eligibility criteria and monitor treatment response. We’ll dive into the specifics of how the telemedicine platform was applied to meet these needs and other future use cases.

Featured Topics:

  • Telemedicine as a fit-for-purpose solution in clinical trials
  • Integration of a telemedicine with clinical visits
  • Implementation of specific tools within telemedicine to meet individual study needs
  • Future of telemedicine and adapting it to meet optimal user experience on a study-by-study basis


  drci_L1030787.jpg  Adam Samson, Sr. Director of Clinical Operations & Customer   Success, Curebase Inc.