Join the Discussion March 22nd at 10:35 AM!

Current practices followed by most organizations in responding to unsolicited queries from Health Care Professionals often take between 24 hours to 2 days. Medical team often has time available on their schedule, but they are not immediately present (or reachable) to engage in a scientific exchange. Soterius implemented its integrated platform at sponsors to accelerate these interactions, integrating availability and expertise check and several communication methods, improving engagement speed and quality.

Featured Topics include:

  • HCPs truly value scientific/medical discussions and engagement, but have busy schedules
  • Need for faster response and better engagement tools
  • Ability to connect on-line and off-line, self-serve scheduling and requesting information
  • Processes and Technology that support in-person and virtual meetings
  • Video, Chat, Phone, Meeting Platforms – So many methods, need for a single, integrated platform
  • Availability Check, Product or Disease Area Expertise, Territory and other factors determine who might be best suited to answer a question
  • Compliant Process, HCP Confirmation, Meeting Controls
  • Sharing Content, Capturing Meeting Details, Compliance Records
  • Outcome and Results, Future Vision
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 Suneet_Walia.jpg    Suneet Walia, ACA, CEO, Soterius, Inc.