Harnessing the Power of Structured Content in Life Sciences: Practicalities, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Evolving Technology Landscape

In this Complimentary Webinar...

As the Regulatory and Clinical Operations industry progresses toward digitalization, the idea of “Structured Content Authoring” or “Structured Component Management” is once again gaining traction as a tool to increase efficiency and quality of day-to-day operations. Although this is not a new concept, technological advancement and a move towards data-centric processes make this a reality.

Learning Objectives:
This session will examine the current technology landscape for structured content solutions in life sciences and hear directly from panelists on their experiences with structured content within their organizations. The panel session will focus primarily on:

  • Use cases in Regulatory and Clinical Operations
  • Success Stories
  • Challenges and the Importance of Organization Change Management
  • The Future of Structured Content

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