To support continuous learning, DIA brings you complimentary digital downloads to spur thought, reflection, collaboration, and action. In your Resource Kit, you'll find links to intriguing articles from the DIA Global Forum and our peer-reviewed journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS), exclusive podcast interviews, session recordings from DIA events, and more!

  • TIRS Open Access: Regulation of Drug Prescribing Information in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • TIRS Open Access: Use of the Certificate for Pharmaceutical Products (CPP) in 18 Maturing Pharmaceutical Markets: Comparing Agency Guidelines with Company Practice
  • Regulatory and HTA Landscape in Latin America: What are the Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities?
  • Podcast: Maximizing Regulatory Resources Across Latin America
  • Podcast: New PAHO Report: Strength in Regulatory Reference and Reliance
  • Meeting Highlights: DIA Latin America Regulatory Conference 2022
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective on Use of RWD/RWE in Brazil
  • Report from the 10th Conference of the Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH)
  • Pharmacovigilance Systems in Latin America for COVID-19 Vaccines: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico
  • Faster and More Flexible: Regulatory & Industry Leadership in Latin America During the Pandemic
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