DIA DIRECT: How to Build a Data-Sharing Strategy for Pharma Innovation

Brought to you Together with Privacy Analytics

On-Demand Webinar

Now more than ever, the eyes of the world are on sponsors to collaborate, sharing their clinical trial data to combat human health emergencies.

While individual patient-level data sharing is largely done on a voluntary basis, privacy is just as important as when clinical studies are published by regulators.

In this webinar, we will investigate the different decisions pharmaceutical companies face and look at how these decisions impact brand reputation and public trust. A series of interactive polls throughout the webinar will guide the discussion, using your feedback to help determine what scenario to explore next.

Featured Topics

  • Data sharing as a clinical trial sponsor's social responsibility
  • The real-world cost of not sharing safe, insight-rich data
  • A framework for safely sharing and using sensitive clinical trial data

Learning Objectives

  • Compare qualitative and quantitative approaches to anonymization
  • Evaluate whether to build an in-house anonymization capability, buy software, or engage a vendor
  • Analyze methods for balancing patient privacy and data utility


  • Niamh McGuinness, PhD, Senior Analyst, Clinical Trial Transparency, Privacy Analytics
  • Laura Dodd, Global Data Sharing Manager, PRA Health Sciences, Takeda
  • Jingyi Liu, PhD, Senior Director, Statistics, Data & Analytics, Eli Lilly and Company