Artificial Intelligence in PV: Are we there yet?

Postponed to later in 2021

This Solution Provider Webinar is brought to you by DIA in cooperation with AB Cube.

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In This Webinar...

As organisations rush to implement artificial intelligence in their pharmacovigilance and patient safety operations to reduce costs of manual processes and increase efficiency, it is important to comprehend the ground reality of AI in safety.

In this presentation, we will traverse through the developments of artificial intelligence in pharmacovigilance in the current scenario. The need is for the pharmacovigilance department to identify internal processes that need to be optimised to be prepared for the next technological wave in PV.

We will illustrate, step by step, how a resource-intensive industry like pharmacovigilance and clinical safety can streamline their processes internally and with the help of software providers in order to be prepared to embrace AI.

Featured Topics:

  • How to turn the myth of "AI in PV" into reality?
  • Streamline and digitise your processes
  • Invest in technology which adapts to your operations
  • Case study on automation in pharmacovigilance

At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to understand:

  • Interpret AI for pharmacovigilance operations considering current processes.
  • Evaluate the importance of digitalising internal as well as outsourced safety operations
  • By understanding the key aspects of the system, employ automation technology in pharmacovigilance processes


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  Yasmine Benlahrech, Sales & Strategic Alliances Manager, AB Cube
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  Natalia Holman, Business Developer, US & APAC, AB Cube