At DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, session rooms overflowed daily as panelists convened for open conversations on the hottest topics in health care product development and patient care.

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  Lf Border DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting: Reflections and Reports from Chicago
  Lf Border Drug Repurposing: Where Will It Take Us?
  Lf Border The Evolution of Evidence Generation: Real-World Evidence and the Next Generation of Decision Making
  Lf Border The Future of Patient Engagement: Measuring What Matter
  Lf Border People Will Talk: Gathering Insights from Digital Listening
  Lf Border Paying for Value in Biopharmaceuticals: Trends in the United States
  Lf Border Radical Technologies: Changing the Future of Biopharmaceuticals
  Lf Border Does Diversity Matter in Clinical Trials?
  Lf Border Progress in Pediatric Therapeutics
  Lf Border International Regulatory Convergence
  Lf Border FDA Forum
  Lf Border EMA/FDA Question Time