DIA 2018 was a major success! See why.

Check out our Top 10 most-attended sessions below, each bringing together Life Sciences thought leaders from around the globe to advance innovation in healthcare product development and accelerate efforts to enhance health and well-being worldwide.
  •  FDA Town Hall

  •  EMA/FDA Question Time

  • Using Real World Evidence for Regulatory Support: Time to Embrace the Future

  • Regulators’ Utilization of Real-World Data in Pharmacovigilance Activities

  • How Can We Optimally Incorporate Real World Evidence into Regulatory Decision-Making?

  •  Precision Medicine, Gene Editing, and Gene Therapy: Current Status and Regulatory Challenges of Integrating Genetic Medicine into Clinical Care

  • Applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language, Natural Language Processing, and Predictive Models in Clinical Trials to Deliver Value to Stakeholders

  • Global Clinical Trials: Lessons in Effective Execution

  • How Inspection-Ready is Your Organization?

  • Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Regulatory Affairs
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