Keeping up with the various regional and domestic regulatory initiatives in Latin America can be challenging! As emerging markets advance, timelines and submission requirements may change, and it is essential to remain vigilant about strategic initiatives to improve collaboration and cooperation.

To support continuous learning, DIA brings you complimentary digital downloads to spur thought, reflection, collaboration, and action. In your Resource Kit, you'll find links to intriguing articles from the DIA Global Forum and our peer-reviewed journal, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS), exclusive podcast interviews, session recordings from DIA events, and more!

  • Barriers for Pharmaceutical Innovation With Focus in Cancer Drugs, the Case of Mexico

  • Drug Regulation in Mexico: Five Principles, Visible Progress and a Long Way Ahead

  • Expedited Regulatory Pathways in Established and Emerging Markets

  • Podcast: Promoting Patient-Centric Business: MedComm in Latin America

  • On-Demand Webinar: Challenges of Producing a PBRER: Transition from PSUR to PBRER

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