Medical Affairs professionals are often viewed as primary tactical leaders in healthcare product development and must remain abreast of current technological, economic, and regulatory trends within the industry.  To support continuous learning, DIA brings you complimentary digital downloads to spur thought, reflection, collaboration, and action. In your Resource Kit, you'll find links to intriguing articles from the DIA Global Forum, exclusive podcast interviews, session recordings from DIA events, and more!

  • Time to Review Your Promotional Review? Best Practices in the US

  • MEETING HIGHLIGHTS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Drug Development Lifecycle Building Healthcare Equity: FDA Frameworks and Community Foundations

  • Critical Elements in Communication of Vaccine Trial Results

  • Promoting Best Practices for Medical Science Liaisons Position Statement from the APPA, IFAPP, MAPS and MSLS

  • An Innovative Health Literacy Approach Designed to Improve Patient Understanding of Medication Labeling

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