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  • Real-World Evidence 2021: Year in Review

  • Real-World Evidence Regulatory Landscape in Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

  • A Career in Pharmacovigilance: Automation with a Human Touch

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Perspective on Use of RWD/RWE in Brazil
  • Special Section: Latin America: Pharmacovigilance Systems in Latin America for COVID-19 Vaccines: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico

  • Digital Technology Adoption at Clinical Sites: Fast-Paced but Room to Grow

  • Special Section: Pharmacovigilance: Positioning Pharmacovigilance During the Pandemic in Japan

  • DIA Global Annual Meeting 2021: When Can You Trust Real-World Evidence for Decision-Making?

  • Alignment of Real-World Evidence and Digital Health: Realizing the Opportunity

  • A Framework for Extension Studies Using Real-World Data to Examine Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness

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